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Originally Posted by Spit206Fire
Ya i think he has to.

The thing that killed me most of all was shamrock's shitty coaching.
I think its to bad that where these guys had a giant chance to grow and learn on MMA all shamrocks guys did was have fun and get bored and mad at shamrock. I think Tait, Kaleb, and Mike Nickels could have done alot better. It seemed like they never wanted to listen to Shamrock during the fight, probably because they were all fed up with his shitty training and didn't believe in what he was saying.

I'm not saying Nickels could have beat'n Hamill by any means, just saying that he might have not broken his nose if he would have shot on him some more.
I totally ****in agree, I loved shamrock and hated ortiz before seeing ultimate fighter 3, and that changed my whole perspective on things. Tito went in there and poured his heart and sweat into making sure that his guys were going to win, and at the end of the day the 2 winners of ultimate fighter 3 were tito's guys. I think that shamrock went there for the rivalry, not the kids. Personally I think that the outcome of ultimate fighter 3 would have been WAY different had shamrock actually TAUGHT instead of showing up and going home and getting in fights with tito.
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