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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
LMAOOOOOOOOO every one listen to this, kishiro pmed me and said that he didnt wanna embarase me, and that he doesnt think i actaully do bjj, wow...thats funny.

Anyways, yea, so what i spelt right wrong. It was a mistake.

Originally Posted by kishiro
your answers to all the questions people ask are so off the wall i wonder,
1) you really don't hit the mats.
2) you just started
3) your sensei is fake and hopped on the fighting band wagon
4) your sensei is running a mcdojo

i did not want to embarrass you in front of the forum so i pm you to find out the real deal..
i still don't know where your instructors learned their bjj from.

that is what was really said....
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