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I travel a lot so if my hotel doesnt have a gym, or im I renting a house for a month, I need to do something outside in the yard, or in an open room.

I always have my resistance bands that I use.

Here is a decent site I found for calisthenic exercises:

This is what I suggest:

For a 30 min workout:
Do a 5 minute warm up (jumping jacks, shadow box, jog, skip rope etc)
Then chose 5 of the calisthenic exercises, and do them for 1 min each = 5mins.
Take a 1 min break, and repeat up to 4 times.

It may be tough at first so you may only finish 3 sets in 30 mins because of a longer break.

For a 1 hour workout, do 5 X 2mins X 4 sets.

I usually include the 2nd exercise in this video:

If you try to do 50 of the above jumps (1 includes 1 jump+1duck+1jump) in one of your 2 mins, it makes you cry. a little. and vomit. a little. You dont need the bars. Just jump over a rock, or a pair of socks, and just make sure you duck really low. thats what really kills the legs.

ANyways, let me know if you have any other questions about working out in an empty room. Im a pro at it.

ONe last thing I forgot to mention. Its only gonna be as hard as you want it to be. In 2 mins, I try to complete 50 pushups (various kinds), for the sit ups I'll try to get to 75-100 per set, I'll include another tough leg one, or a combination like burpees etc.

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