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So here I am, itís late and I am now happy and feeling good about my massage. My lower back is feeling good and it is definitely thanking me and I go to the washroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed and McCray and Yager decide it is time for them gang up on me and "have a talk".

From their bedroom, McCray loudly asks me a loaded question that goes a little bit like "Hey Ring, Why would you get a massage from a dude at 3 AM?" I knew exactly where he was trying to go with this one so I thought **** it Ė Iíll play, so I answered "because Iím a big queer".

They started laughing hard in disbelief at my remark, and I walked into their room and leaned my shoulder up against the doorway while I flossed my teeth.

I knew that my reply would likely take most of the wind out of their sails but being the couple of Neanderthals they are, they relented by saying that Iím standing gay and tried telling me that I need to change my posture blah blah blah. I just thought it was funny so just poured it on more until they dropped itÖ

I didnít realize how funny that would actually look on camera, but I was just kind of doing my thang. Me and my friends always joke around like this and I guess some people arenít used to that, I got labelled a queer in the house pretty fast due to some of the shit that comes out of my mouth hahaha. I wasnít really too bothered by it though, I know who I am and my friends back home know me and will just laugh about it anyway.

All I can say is that some people look intimidating and some donít and I guess I fall into the second category. But then again, I donít spend a lot of time trying to look hardcore like a lot of MMA fighters, I been doing this long enough to realize that there are two types of guys out there. There are the guys who act tough and then there are guys who are tough. Acting tough and being tough are two completely different things and when I got into the house it didnít take me to long to figure out who was going to be tough and who was just posing.

Congratulations you won!
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