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Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 34
2 - 28
3 - 23
4 - 23
5 - 21
Total - 129

Weaker performance on burpees. Could be alot of reasons but I'm not sweating it.

Armbars, Guard passes. Advanced technique was a collar choke, collar choke with your leg over to finish, collar choke to armbar, collar choke to reverse triangle, collar choke to reverse triangle to regular triangle. I'm going to try to work these combos a bit because my collar choke game is WEAK. Things I've noted today is my grip needs to be fingers inside and thumb outside, I've been doing the opposite. Also can't emphasize enough the need to dig the blade of your wrist in and keep that grip. The grip will make it or break it, which should be obvious I guess.

In rolling I did well but it was all white belts. Got a triangle from mount, armbar from mounted triangle, kimura from reverse mount, armbar from reverse mount. I also pulled off a nice pendulum sweep and a half guard sweep from the bottom that was actually technical and not just using my strength. I got tapped by a white belt today. Kimura from the bottom of my side control. How the hell did that happen? It was on fast and I tapped instead of struggling to stall it until I could free it.

Good class, sparring tomorrow afternoon then muay thai + mma in the evening.
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