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Originally Posted by IronMan
Do you even study martial arts? You sound like a Rickson Gracie fan on f*cking crack. Sit back for a second and read this:

Helio Gracie is listed by old records in Kokodan (the governing body of Judo) as a 3rd degree blackbelt in Judo.

If you are trying to imply that strength has absolutely nothing to do with winning in a BJJ competition (or is so much overshadowed by skill) than why do almost all BJJ schools do conditioning? If strength is not a factor than why would a fighter waste his time with pushups, situps and pullups when he could be training technique?

This is the end of a commentary on the match between Masahiko Kimura and Helio Gracie:

But that's not all:

If you knew anything about the history of martial arts you would avoid going to "Helio Gracie v Masahiko Kimura" as a way of saying that Gracie JJ is better than Judo. Every judoka who has ever competed in combat grappling or vale tudo knows that story and they know that Kimura spent the entire match basically kicking the crap out of Gracie.

Look, do your homework, or don't show up to class. Enough said.
Man, dont worry, i know alot about Helio and how he even started BJJ. And whats with this forum and people harrasing me.
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