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Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
TUF is so important for mma and for UFC right now,
that i think they should pick the coaches with better care.
Im mean, its as public as mma gets and for the sake of the sport the coaches should be representing the best mma as to offer not only as a fighter but as a person as well.

Having said that, i dont think Kos is the right person to play that role.

He has no honour, he has no pride and is devious as it gets. The worst choice possible to coach in TUF.

Luckly GSP, will be there representing all the opposite.

p.s - Too bad about all the time were gonna have to wait to see another title fight at WW.

p.s.2 - UFC doesnt need to tell Kos to be an ass, Hes pretty good at that being himself.

I think Kos is an ass, but have a feeling he may make a good coach, just like TITO, as he has a massive will to win, and of course will be interesting/annoying to watch.
I think George being the classy guy he is will be a bt boring to watch as he wont rise to kos.
I'd really like to watch Sonnen, Brock at some point also, as I think they'd be interesting.
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