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Originally Posted by Trainee
Alright, I'll answer that question. And don't take any offense by it, it's the truth.
This here is a MMA forum (hence the URL ""). By what you post, you don't get the point of MMA. It's obvious you think that BJJ is the be-all/end-all of grappling - the rest of the forum (and the world) don't agree. You claim that BJJ is superior to other arts, when it really isn't. Just because it sometimes is prefered by ring fighters, doesn't mean it is the greatest art of all time and a baby who learns it could submit half the world. There are other grappling arts that are on its level, some of them go even beyond what BJJ teaches.

What I'm trying to say is, be open-minded. A Judoka can win a fight against a Jitsuka, and vice-versa. It does depend on the person, not the art, especially if the two arts are almost alike and related. (I'll agree that BJJ has an advantage over stand-up arts, but it doesn't mean the BJJ practitioner's victory is ensured over someone who practices Aikido).
the gracies have the mind set of bjj is the best.... the gracies are not doing to well since people have learned to fight on the ground...
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