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Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
I had a very interesting day today.

I was riding my mule in town, and these guys shot at his feet. Well, he ended up getting scared and running away, bastards. So, I walked up to them and they were laughing. Well, I told them that my mule isn't very fond of people laughing, he gets this crazy idea that they are laughing at him. I told them, if they apologize to my mule like I know they're going to, I'll try to convince him that they were just joking.

Needless to say, they tried to attack me and I ended up pulling out my revolver and killing all 4 of them with lightning speed.

Anywho, now I'm at home eating chips.
Nice! I have had to do the same thing a few times...

Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
Been playing Red Dead Revolver there MC??? lol thats the only thing I could come up with lol
And I am so disappointed in you for not getting what he was doing there...

Thanks to Toxic for the Awesome Sig!

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