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I know that this has laready been touched, but if you look at this picture:

You will notice in subscript written above the main newpaper article heading is the portugese word "moralmente" meaning that they were declaring that Helio had won a "Moral Victory" over Masahiko Kimura. Helio lost to Kimura but gained a moral victory by not tapping out, that's the truth. In fact, they named the reverse/under-arm ude-garami the "Kimura" to honor him. It isn't called that by co-incidence.

Now, I'm glad that as a young person you've found something to become attached to and that's obviously your focus. But I am going to let you know this right now:

It is not the only martial art in existance. It is not the end-all/be-all of martial arts.

Your youth and singularity of purpose is admirable, but it's also made you ignorant of other things that may be contrary to what you may want to consider. Again, just because you are young doesn't mean I'm not going to call you out on something that is plainly wrong. On that same note, if you are correct on something, I'll give you your props.

But please stay away from comments like this:
Also, the thing with judo is, a 13 year ol kid with judo experience canot tap out a 40 year old with no experience cuase strengh has alot to do with it, but in bjj the guy can be a body builder and you can be 10 and still tap him out 5 times in 4 minutes.
Look: If I gave the kids in "3 Ninjas" Jiu-Jitsu gis instead of Ninja Uniforms, do you think I'd be convinced any more at how "close to reality" that movie would be? Hell no. Just consider this: No Martial Art is going to turn any one into a superman, and I don't care what part of the globe it comes from.

Case in point: Do you know how many surviving "Iron Skin/Iron Shirt" Kung Fu practitioners exist now a days? The answer: None. They all died from gunshot wounds.

Even if you don't completely agree with the others on the forum, at least take a second to consider that some of the others may have a valid point. Okay?

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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