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Originally Posted by Wombatsu
am i the only one seeing this or what....But why is it that Dana White goes all out to make lame ass announcements. Wandy V Chuck may not even happen as was done in piss weak fashion. GSP V Hughes was not handled all that well and even when BJ Penn was brought back it was lame. Damn it Dana do this the right way and dont be a ***** with the way the hype is handled. It lets the fans down.

Yeah. you tell him.

I think Dana's just learning the Promo game. Problem is that the UFC is his orphaned baby, and he might be to invovled in too many places, as its grown in the last few years. There seemed to be two kinds of Boxing promoters: the ones you see like Don King, that seemed to be always talking and the sole proprietor, and the ones' you don't see like Bob Arum, that seemed to be aligned with Boxing as a system.

This rivalry reminds me of the NBA versus the ABA back in the mid 60' and early 70's. The ABA had the true fan favorie athletes like Doctor J, and Moses Malone and the (original) Ice man Gervin, but the NBA had the better infra-structure, stadium deals, and executive talent eventually starving out the younger, fledgling league.

I thought what was interesting was that the commentator on ESPN seemed up on his fight game....

ESPN is glad to capitalize here because UFC was one of the highest rated programming w/ male viewers btwn 18-35. The season finale beat NASCAR w/a 3.5 national Nielson, if I remember correctly.

Interesting HBO is now interested in working w/MMA now, as I remember Gumble dissing UFC on Real Sports. As well as the unflattering piece on Mark Kerr. Yes, its true that they at least did one, but where's the ones on the success stories, or the founders.....

Boxing is a "dead man walking" with declining PPV figures and no new stars in the making...(anybody paying $30 bucks to see if Roy Jones can get KTFO this weekend?)...HBO has no other sports interests to partner with:who need HBO besides boxing? Wasn't it Lampley the HBO commentator who dissed MMA recently?

Boxing, HBO, and Lampley are all OLD TALKING HEADS. They are Barry Manalow and Oldies music. MMA is better supported on sportsbroad casting networks that at least support other martial arts.

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