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Originally Posted by IronMan
Chuck "I Hope This Punch Lands" Liddell

Tito "The Neanderthal" Ortiz

Rickson "I Pad My Stats" Gracie

Mark "I'm Too Old For This" Coleman (at least during his fight with Fedor)

Tim "The Out-Of-Shape, Pantspooping Ogre" Sylvia

Diego "Dirty" Sanchez

Shinya "I Can Put Both Feet Behind My Head With No Hands" Aoki

Joachim "I'll Eat Your Babies" Hansen

Antonio "The Unstoppable One" Rodrigo Nogueira

Quinton "Let's See If I Can Throw My Opponent Through The Canvas" Jackson

Kevin "Half Beast, Half B*tch" Randleman

Randy "Rocky Balboa" Couture

Ken "WAY Too Old For This" Shamrock

Frank "The Talented Brother" Shamrock

Georges "The Ball-Buster" St. Pierre (after the Hughes fight)

B.J. "I'm Too Good For Training" Penn

Matt "The Good Little Christian Boy" Hughes

Dean "The Choke Artist" Lister

Jeff "The Angry Dwarf" Monson

Vitor "Can't Beat Anybody Good" Belfort

Danny "The Waste Of Space" Abbadi

Josh "Lay-n-Gay" Koscheck

and, my personal favorite:

Keith "The Lean, Mean Dean of the Green Bean" Jardine
Ironman, I thought mine were pretty good until I saw your list...good job btw repped

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Favorite Fighters:

Chuck Liddell
Rich Franklin
Diego Sanchez
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