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Just so people know, if you want me to look at a thread, you can just PM me. I'm online alot, but often I just check my subscriptions and my PMs, so that's the best way to get my attention.

Originally Posted by Fieos View Post
I just started training BJJ under one of the students of Leonardo Pecanha. I was really impressed with the guy (Luis Pinto) and was curious if you knew of them. I know there is some variance in the quality of martial arts 'strains' and wanted your opinion.
Pecanha is a beast.

Like Shaun, I'm not familiar with Pinto, but I Pecanha has been on my radar for a long time. The guy is a three time world champion and basically on the cusp of entering the UFC.

He's also with the most underrated camp in the world, Nova Uniao, and anyone who gets a blackbelt under Andre Pederneires (which is where I'm pretty sure Pecanha got his, but I'm not 100% sure) is bound to be a monster.

There are differences in the lineages of BJJ. If Pecanha's blackbelt is under Pederneiras, he's two generations removed from Grandmaster Carlson Gracie and comes out of a lineage that includes Charuto (BJ Penn's coach), Robson Moura, Gustavo Dantas (who's trained a few friends of mine) and Marcus Aurelio. That's a helluva class, and Pecanha could well be one of those guys someday. He's still pretty young.

Be wary that Pederneiras' guys are known for being stylized towards a smaller fighter's game (which is why the Nova Uniao camp is so successful in producing lighter fighters) but the quality of coaching is top notch.

As far as training under a purple belt goes, I always recommend training with a blackbelt when there's one around. I've slowed down my jiu-jitsu training when I'm in Fresno because the jiu-jitsu coaches out here are pretty terrible, and the judo coaching is tremendous. Still, working with a guy who comes from that lineage will put you in a good position to work seminars with some true legends, as that lineage seems to be pretty tight nit.

Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
IM is still around, but he's extremely busy. I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he can.
Yeah. I'm around. Like I said, the best way is to PM me with stuff like this.

M_D PM'd me the thread to get my attention.

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