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yah,dont get me wrong, i dont go hardcore on nutrition. Chicken, veggies, fish, red meat, fruit, flax or 9 grain bread/bagels, peanuts, salad, bran, cheese, dried meat/crackers/cheese, Milk, real juice (mostly stick with cranberry, orange juice and those cans of apple juice that are like a buck), water. Thats usually what my 6 day a week food intake is. On sats i eat whatever the hell i want (within reason of course, i dont eat "fast food" at all.

For supps i take fish oil, multi vit, Calcium/magnesium with vit D3, Whey and No-Explode (dont care what people say, it works great for me for the 5 days 2 sessions) and Kre-Alkalyn.

I dont plan on any pro future so i just eat healthy on the basic level.

It all depends what you want and what works for you. Need to go through some trial and error but it is all part of the process. Basically as long as you feel good and have energy and sleep right, you are doing good.
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