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Originally Posted by SpiderV
Let me start off by saying that I seriously doubt that someone trying to get into the game of MMA would come to an INTERNET FORUM where 99% of people don't have a clue what they are talking about. Secondly, I would imagine if you were trying to get into MMA you would probably start by contacting GYMS or or somewhere that is AFFILIATED with MMA. If you were training MMA to get into MMA, I am pretty sure that where you are training would have some info or contact information you could get from them. Third, would you like people all over the world knowing how much you made, because some retard plastered it all over the internet? If I had to guess I would say NO, I know I sure wouldn't. Dana White has already said along with numerous fighters, that they don't want people knowing how much they make. Posting stuff like this shows no respect for the guys that entertain you.

So you're saying that anyone seriously interested in getting involved in MMA shouldn't visit or post on internet mma forums? Are you living in 1994?

That's ridiculous.

Why do you think morons sue celebrity's every chance they get for stupid s%$@? Because, people know how much they make and how much they got.
Huh? Morons suing celebrities for what? I've heard far more cases of morons suing corporations, or celebrities suing morons for slander.

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