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Originally Posted by harry45 View Post
It is good to take protein before or after gym. After gym you can have soy protein shake, chicken breasts, a whole bag of almonds or whole-wheat pasta or soba (buckwheat) noodles.
Stay away from soy protein period end of story... Pre-workout you should have a single scoop (~25g) of protein and within 30-45min post workout you should have between 40-50g (2 scoops) and some quick carbs to replenish your body. A good practice is to add black strap molasses and a little honey to your shakes for carbs. Also adding flax seed and raw oatmeal isn't a bad idea either pre-workout.

Good post workout non shake food is chicken breast or tuna, veggies, nuts and fruits. Try and keep the meal higher in protein and lower in the veggies though.

The reason for no soy protein is it promotes estrogen production in the body which counters natural testosterone levels which is VERY counter-productive to strength gaining and recovery. Also soy protein is horrible in terms of bioavailabity.

Pre and Post workout stick with Whey or Beef isolates with a mix of casein sometimes post workout. Before bed or late in the evening intake casein more and its the slowest absorbing of the proteins and keeps your body working as it winds down and keeps your body in a metabolic state longer.
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