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Originally Posted by SJ View Post
I read this stuff by the way, just don't know enough to comment usually.

so thank you for posting in this section
lol, I feel lonely in this section sometimes.

Honestly, Ive read your post and see you know about mma and love the sport. That's really all you need to comment on J-mma.

Interview Translated by Flyinpig over at sherdog:

Wicky has been sparring with Shooto LW champ Lion Takeshi, who will be defending his belt against Hatsu Hioki on 5/30.

Wicky has also been training in the US with Matt Hume since last October.

Lion on Wicky's fight vs Tokoro:

Tokoro took down former Shooto champ in Pequeno (Alexandre Franca Nogueira) so I'm hoping that Wicky can represent Shooto and beat Tokoro. Hopefully we both win by KO so that we can enjoy some drinks afterwards.

Wicky on his preparation:

Everything is going well. I'm a bit tired, but I don't have any injuries so it's all good.

Wicky on training overseas:

I was in the States getting pummeled by some 90kg black dudes, and before I knew it, I've put on some mass. I gained about 3kg in the States and when I got back to Japan, I was at 77kg. So I had to lose 14kg. I worked my ass off in the beginning so I'm around 68kg right now. 5kg more to go.

Wicky on training in the US:

My takedown defense has improved and I'm better at getting back up . So I think if Tokoro takes me down, I'll be able to get back up.

Wicky on Tokoro:

When I was still an amateur, about a half year after I got into MMA, Tokoro came to train at our gym. We worked on some ground game. He wasn't very strong, but was good at leg locks. He's always used good movement. He can also be unorthodox and tricky. So I think that may be his strength. But I have a few moves just for him. It may be that I only throw hooks as usual, but I have something planned. Striking? Yeah, I only use strikes.

Wicky on the cage:

The three 5-minute rounds is a bigger deal to me. My muscles are more geared towards explosiveness rather than stamina, so the longer rounds are tough on me. I'd like to have 2-minute rounds (laughter). I like short fights. I'm sure my opponent wants to make it a long fight though.

Wicky on his drawing:

DREAM brings in a bunch of pestering guys like Bibiano and Joe Warren. The drawing depicts me fighting, some fans enjoying and others watching intently.

Wicky on his comment of "KID shouldn't be a star anymore" (on promo video #2):

I made that comment a year ago (laughter). At the end of the day, KID ended up losing, and I wasn't able to become a star. But I've been putting in the effort in the last year and there's still a chance for me to become a star.

Wicky's attitude going into fighting the popular Tokoro:

I have everything to gain. He has everything to lose.
I'm a huge fan of Tokoro, hes provided me some of my favorite mma fights of all time. Dude puts it on the line in every fight.

Wicky... well, I'm always on the fence with him. I do find him to be a interesting fighter, and that makes me want to see him fight even more.

This fight will be good. Tokoro takes this fight though, at least in my opinion.

No news yet, but here are some pics:

-Funaki, greatest leg-locker in history

-Dj Taiki in Thailand

-Peter graham lookin' like a wigger

-Aoki getting caned


In other news, just downloaded the Minowa career pack (11 g's), if anyone wants a link to the download just pm me or something.


Deep - ClubDeep results:
1 Masato Kataoka Takuya Inoue TKO (Punches) 1 0:15
2 Hiroyuki Kobayashi Tatsuya Tsuchida Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1 1:15
3 Shota Shimeya Yu Yu Submission (Armbar) 1 4:38
4 Noboru Onishi Yoichi Ozawa TKO (Punches) 1 3:05
5 Shota Utsunomiya Muneyuki Sato Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00
6 Juri Ohara Hidenobu Koike TKO (Punches) 1 3:15
7 Tatsumitsu Wada Tatsuhito Satsuma Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00
8 Yutaka Ueda Mitsuru Yamaguchi Submission (Straight Armbar) 1 0:25
9 Tomohiko Hori Akira Kibe TKO (Punches) 2 4:23
10 Hiroki Sato Shuji Morikawa Draw 2 5:00


Mach Interview, translated by flyinpig:

Mach on his weight:
I'm trying to cut as much weight as I can. When I was training in the US, I didn't think about cutting weight. Everyone there is big and strong, so I thought that dropping weight would get me killed. If you cut weight, of course you end up being smaller, right? The training sessions were murder, so my mind was set on not getting killed, and didn't think about cutting weight. I've started my weight cutting since I've returned to Japan. In the morning, I weigh 80kg. After working out, I think I'm about 1kg less. (weight limit is 76kg)

Mach on training in the US:

I wake up, I eat, I sleep. Then I wake up, I eat, I sleep.. That basically sums it up. The training sessions would take everything out of me, so I needed to sleep and didn't really want to do anything or go anywhere. I have some friends there, but we never met up so I feel bad.

Fights are cool, but the training is intense. The two months there was really hardcore. It's like I should have been given a green card (laughter).

Mach on training partners:
The heaviest guy there? About 140kg. Josh (Barnett) also came by to train too. Bob (Sapp) used to come by the gym in the olden days, but it feels like you're always going up against Bob there anyway.

Mach on fighting in the cage:
It doesn't matter to me anymore. It's all good. It's all the same anyway. I believe that if I perform like I know I can, I will get the results I want - even if it's in the opponent's arena. I did fight in the UFC about 10 years ago, but it's different now anyways. I want to end the fight quickly and go have some good food.

Mach on Aoki's loss to Melendez:
Every man is on his own. MMA is a one-on-one sport, and I'm doing MMA because I like the one-on-one competition. I'm not concerned with what others are doing especially when he's in a different weight class.

Mach on his previous comment that he may retire if he lost his next fight:

When you're in MMA, it becomes a big part of your life. A lot of things go through your head when you get to my age. I've always thought that if you can't perform to the best of your abilities, you're no longer qualified. They say that your heart rate slows down as you get older. That also means that the rest of your body slows down too. If I'm putting in 100%, 120% effort into it, but only can perform at 80%, I don't want fans to see me fight like that. I did say that this may be my last fight, but I will need time to think about it.

Mach on Nick Diaz:
He's one of the top fighters too. If you're not up there, you shouldn't be fighting. This is tough because I've always felt I was in that class. People may think differently, but I don't want to fight if I'm not at the top of my game.

Mach on his strategy against Diaz:
Strategy? I have none! It's always the same for me, but if I try to come in with a plan, I can't be myself in the ring. It makes no sense to go out and have a fight that's a boring stalemate, right?


The guy people have been saying all week will step into the ring with Minowa:

Looks to be a big guy, should be a tough fight.

Him fighting a great talent/a promotional video

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