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Aparently there is pretty big differences in the versions. I wanted to get this on the PS3 but the comparison on neogaf forums said the frame rate was shot to hell on the PS3 and you could see in the pictures that the graphical fidelity was obviously bette ron the 360 which was sporting better specular lighting, shadowing, texturing as well as anti aliasing. There also seemed to be less going on ,on screen at any time on the PS3.

I own both systems and really need to fill out ym PS3 collection but this really put me off so i just rented it on the 360 and it's still buggy as anything but graphically it's way more sound.

Both versions are buggy as hell though and have freezing issues. But the frame rate was the killer issue with me. I want my game running as smooth as possible and I can notice the slowdown quite often on the 360 so if it's worse on the PS3 as the comparison said then i would avoid if possible.

The game should still be great no matter what. I have PS3 friends who are loving it and unless you play the 360 version first you wont be able to tell the difference but yeah.

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