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I have a traditional heavy bag and to a certain extent regret not getting a "Muay Thai" bag (banana bag). I have foundthat while a heavy bag is useful in smaller quarters by far than a banana bag, I have found it is limiting on training.

A couple incidences of this are:
1. The bag is too short to work leg kicks easily, so I have had to lower it from a freestanding heavy bag stand to hanging from the load bearing rafter in my basement. This allows me to throw leg kicks, but is costly, and now there are two big assed lag bolts in my ceiling!

2. With the heavy bag lowered and hanging from the ceiling, I find it is much easier to kick the steel rings holding the bag to the chain. Rediculous toe pain, but on the plus side I don't kick steel support struts for shin body kicks when it was on the stand.

All in all the banana is more versatile, giving you more variety and eclecticeness to a training routine that you really don't get with a traditional "Boxing" heavy bag.

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