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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
Holy crap, Wicky looks JACKED! Excited to see him & Tokoro fight. I expect crazy stand-up from Wicky, and crazy ground shit from Hideo. Best of both worlds, yo.

Also, lol @ Kid having salt & pepper hair and a shriveled up face in that cartoon.
I have to root for lil' Volk. War Tokoro.

Those cartoons are always funny.

You got picks bruh?

ZST swat 6/6

Welterweight single match: Watanabe Sadayuki (Ribasarujimu) vs Hiroshi Takahashi (Keio Blue Sky)

Welterweight: Ogura Masato (ZFC Oi)
vs 小林 裕(U-FILE CAMP 登戸) Kobayashi Hiroshi (U-FILE CAMP Noborito)
ライト級シングルマッチ <br> 川名 雄生(しんわトータルコンバット)

Lightweight single match
Kawana (Totarukonbatto mythology) vs
佐々木 誠 (心温塾) Makoto Sasaki (Keio warm heart.)

Lightweight single match rule: 浩Hutatsumori Takashi (Kashiwa Palaestra)
vs 中村 一人 (パラエストラ草加) Kazuto Nakamura (Soka Palaestra)
フェザー級シングルマッチ 阿部 剛卓(パラエストラ松戸)

Featherweight single match <br> Takashi Takashi Abe (Matsudo Palaestra)
vs 林田 一城 (MSD護心道) Hayashida Kazuki (MSD way heart protection.)
フェザー級シングルマッチ <br> 服部 紀彦(ZFC 大井町)

Featherweight single match: Hattori Norihiko (ZFC Oi) vs
内田 龍介 (グランドスラムKREW) Utita Riyuusuke (Grand Slam KREW)
フェザー級シングルマッチ※GT-Fルール <br> 金子 陽一(ZFC 大井町) ※

featherweight single match rule: Kaneko Youiti (ZFC Oi) vs
竹内 正武 (U-FILE CAMP 調布) Takeuti Masatake (U-FILE CAMP Chofu)
フェザー級シングルマッチ※GT-Fルール <br> 青木 礼(ZFC 大井町) ※

featherweight single match rule: thank Aoki (ZFC Oi)
vs 平井 一民 (アカデミアAz) Hirai Kazutami (Academia Az)
バンタム級シングルマッチ <br> 竹中 慎(P's LAB 東京)

Bantamweight single match <br> Takenaka Makoto (P's LAB Tokyo) vs
飯塚 文貴 (リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム) Iizuka Takahumi (Yokohama Grand Slam Ribasarujimu)

Three singles matches bantamweight: Ching Hisamoto (mixed martial arts meet military family.)
vs 小森 祐史 (パラエストラ吉祥寺) Komori Yuuzi (Kichijoji Palaestra)


Daniel Herbertson Saku interview:

Have you seen any footage of Ralek?

I only watched it once but I intend on watching it more.

What kind of impression do you have towards him?

Sorry, I was watching the footage while I was getting a massage so I didn't really give deep thought to it, but I saw him fighting Shibata and I thought he was a big fighter. His height is about 10 cm taller and his weight, there is a big difference too. Although the agreement is for 88kg, because the weigh-in is one day in advance his weight will go back up and that is something that I need to think about.

What is the point of your match with him?

The point ... well I won't really know until the fight starts.

Is the thing that you are concerned about the most the physical difference?

Well technique wise too but physical difference is something that I am concerned about. I just had an interview earlier and I answered about that if there is a three-kilogram difference then that requires a lot of power and endurance and then I'll lose stamina. It's something that I'm concerned about so I need think about a how to tackle this and to figure out what to do. It's something I need to think about during the fight as well.

He came here right? Isn't he big?

How much do you weight?


So you won't be cutting weight?

No, but I try eating a lot and maybe I'll gain one kilogram or so. But I need to weigh myself tomorrow and see what happens. I think my current condition and my weigh-in day condition would be different. Normally I weight around 85. At the most maybe 87 and I can go as light as 84 or even under sometimes.

How about your opponent being young. Is that a concern?

Not so much.

Last year in October was your last fight. How is your condition since then.

It's normal, I haven't had any big injuries since then. I had minor things but no major injuries so it's normal.

Your opponent is from the Gracie family. How do you feel about this?

I don't really feel anything in particular.

I have a question actually if you don't mind. Are Apple computers good because I see two right in front of me. Is that because they are good?

Well, I think so. I use Apple too.

Who uses Apple? Whoa! About half of you! That really makes me debate whether I should buy Apple or Windows. Who uses Windows? How about the analog handwriting people? Who doesn't use any PC and hand-writes their memos? Nobody ...

OK, thank you very much for that input.


Fighters for outsiders 6/20 card:

Neoくまページ:6/20 THE OUTSIDER 第12戦の濃ゆい選手の紹介。 - livedoor Blog(ブログ)

Takeo Shiina

- Wrestler(?)

Yanagita Maki

- Judo/Kickboxing

Tani Hiroyuki

- Judo
-Good ground fighter

Hirokawa Takeshi

- Kickboxer

Koguti Shintarou

- Drunken master, 5 years

- Karate

Shinsuke Kobayashi Tsutomu
Martial Arts History
数日 Few days


South Japan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt Palaestra Copa judo 10 years
2009青メジオ・アブソ 優勝グラップリング・オープントーナメント鹿児島80kg 優勝 Grappling Open Tournament champion Blue Medio Kagoshima Absolute championship 2009 80kg
Iida Takeo

- Judo
- Kickboxing


- Karate

Mamiya Akira

- Street-Fighting(?)

Dream 14:

Mach interview translated by flyinpig

----- Can you give us your thoughts on the fight?

Well, since I fought Aoki, it seems that luck hasn't been on my side. It's terrible. I know that when things aren't your way, nothing seems to go your way. I guess that's how it goes.

----- You got caught in an armbar along the fence. Can you take us through what happened there?

My usual way to get out of it is to spin out of it. But I couldn't because I got caught up in the fence. The difficulty of the gage really became apparent. The gage is...(sigh)...yeah I underestimated it. I shouldn't have fought him on his turf (the cage). This ain't the UFC.

----- It looked like a fight you could have won. Did you feel that you could have won?

No matter how you look at it, I was getting in punches and kicks...punches actually. I was able to pressure him enough to a point where he couldn't get his usual punches off. But the difficulties of a fight came out there and that's how it goes. That's where I needed to win it. I somewhat underestimated it. The gage and the ring are totally different. (sigh) The gage is...I am used to fighting in the ring. I haven't fought in the gage since the Matt Hughes fight. He (Diaz) is a different type of fighter compared to Matt Hughes and it was difficult. But he may have been to armbar me even if it wasn't in the gage. Just like New Year's Eve. Was it New Year's Eve? Losing without taking one hit to the face is frustrating. (sigh) I'm not physically tired, but mentally tired.

----- After the fight, you went over to the referee. Were you protesting something?

No, I wasn't protesting anything. I was apologizing (laughter). Saying sorry. The momentum and flow were going my way and I messed up. He was the closest Japanese person to me.

----- Would you want to fight in the cage again?

The gage? Never again. (laughter) It's boring. I don't want to try new challenges at this point. The ring is more exciting. You can move around more. For me. You're walled in the gage, so it makes it difficult to move around like you can in a cage. Not only in my fight, but you also saw in the other fights how it becomes a stalemate alongside the fence. That's a waste of time. It becomes another way to fight I guess and that would be something new and..(sigh)...I'm really not good anymore.

----- Before the fight, you mentioned retirement. Can we say that you have retired from fighting in the cage, but will continue to fight in the ring?

Hahaha! No one knows what the future holds. I think I just have bad luck right now. Well I say luck, but you could say it's my ability. I thought that was a fight I could've won today, but then it turns out like that. I'm upset at myself. I not sure I can beat anyone anymore.


Shooto weigh-ins:


Lion x Hioki

Rim Virami chicane x Endou Yuusuke


Shooto Results:

Lightweight World Title Fight:

8. Hatsu Hioki Def. "Lion" Takeshi Inoue by Decision 2-1

Welterweight World Title Fight:
7. Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire Def. Yusuke Endo by Decision 2-1

Bantamweight World Title Fight:

6. Yasuhiro Urushitani Def. Ryuichi Miki by Decision 3-0

5. 62kg: Rumina Sato Def. Ryota Matsune by KO Round 2 0:21
4. Feather: Masakatsu Ueda Def. Akitoshi Tamura by Decision 3-0
3. Feather: Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas Def. Hiromasa Ogikubo by Rear-Naked choke Round 3 1:21
2. Welter: Kotetsu Boku Def. Yoshihiro Koyama by Decision 3-0
1. Light: Shintaro Ishiwatari Def. Wataru Miki by Decision 2-0

Some pics:

Ryota Matsune

Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire


Takeshi "Lion" Inoue

Hatsu Hioki vs Takeshi "Lion Takeshi" Inoue

From Shiroobi

Daniel Herbertson report from Shooto:

TOKYO, Japan -- Despite DREAM's strong featherweight showings this weekend, the best action in that division was to be found in Shooto at JCB Hall. In one of the best fights of the year, Hatsu Hioki captured "Lion" Takeshi Inoue's 143lb Shooto World Title after three rounds of back and forth striking action.

Nagoya's Hatsu Hioki is arguably one of the most talented ground fighters in all of mixed martial arts but has often been the victim of terrible game planning, ignoring his ground acumen and instead electing to stand and trade instead. A dangerous striker like the defending 143lb world champion "Lion" Takeshi looked like a dangerous matchup for Hioki as Lion's power can easily put an end to anybody's night.
Lion came at Hioki right from the opening bell, rushing in with punches and attempting to end Hioki's night early. Hioki stayed in the pocket though and slipped Lion's looping fists to land counters which rocked the defending champion. Lion recovered quickly and traded punches and kicks in the center of the ring but found himself having problems getting past Hioki's parries and range.

In the second, Lion started to find his mark with the jab, drawing blood from Hioki's nose and reddening his eyes. Hioki's combinations with his hands, lengthy kicks and knees from the clinch kept Lion busy but it was Hioki's jab that had the champion truly on the back foot.

Finally in the third round, Hioki attempted with earnest to take the fight to the mat but lacked the power in his shot after two solid rounds of standup action. Abandoning his attempt to bring the fight into his own domain, Hioki tried to re-establish his jab but Lion found his mark with this right and backed up the challenger. In the final minutes, desperation filled the arena with a divided crowd sensing that the title may be up for grabs depending on what happens from here. Standing in the center of the ring, both fighters stood toe-to-toe throwing combination after combination to the face and body, attempting to bring each other down. At the end of the bout, Lion's nose and mouth finally started to show signs of the war, but with his performance in the final round it was not clear who the judges were going to side with.

The judges were split, one for the champion and two for the challenger, fulfilling Hioki's career goal of capturing a Shooto World Title and indicating that perhaps his standup game has finally caught up to his talent on the canvas.

Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire took exactly five minutes to dispatch Yusuke Endo in their first outing but the rematch was much closer. Defending his Shooto 154lb title, Freire and Endo both had trouble establishing their dominance in the first round, struggling to get through each other's defense. After being docked a point for a low blow in the second, Freire dropped Endo with a right causing Endo to fall to the canvas and turtle to avoid a barrage of blows. Endo was in trouble of being stopped but was ultimately saved by the bell and due to the point deduction, drew the round.

The third was to be the deciding round and Endo gave up a dominant position early after missing with a single and instead getting taken down himself. Freire maintained his control on top and hammered away at the challenger's head for the rest of the bout and easily winning the round.

Despite the strong finish, one judge didn't it see that way and Friere was awarded a split decision to retain the belt. Post fight, Freire returned his title informing the audience that he has signed an exclusive promotion with a major promotion, stopping him from being able to defend his Shooto 154lb title.

Ryuichi Miki held a 0-1-1 record against Yasuhiro Urushitani and going into this 123lb title fight hoped to even the score with the counter striker. It was not to be though, over the course of three rounds Urushitani was able to consistently land the better punches and counter Miki whenever he would over commit in desperation. It was a comfortable win for the new champion who took the strap which was vacant after Shinichi "BJ" Kojima returned the title in March, but a long time in the making. Due to his passive-aggressive countering style, Urushitani has racked up an astonishing six draws which has halted his progression in the division and led to some difficult matchmaking situations for promoters.

"The Shooto Junkie" Ryota Matsune had been retired since 2006 due to recurring knee injuries but his return to action was spoiled in brutal fashion by Joe Silva favorite Rumina Sato. Through the first round Matsune was attempting to shake out the cobwebs of inactivity, working his boxing but unable to keep to get into his rhythm due to the threat of Sato's knees from inside. Early in the second stanza, a knee from Sato found the mark and laid out Matsune and Sato dived in with punches to bring about the referee stoppage at only 21 seconds of the second round.

Masakatsu Ueda returned to form after a shockingly losing his 132lb title to Shuichiro Katsumura in March. Ueda showed off his new found striking ability in his decision win against former 143lb champ and WEC veteran Akitoshi Tamura.

Eduardo Dantas confirmed his status as a top prospect at 132lb with a third round submission over Hiromasa Ogikubo. Dantas was looking dangerous to then champion, Masakatus Ueda in his last venture to Japan in July 2009 but his inability to play to Shooto's rules cost him points and ultimately the decision. Dantas was in danger of suffering the same fate against Ogikubo, grabbing the ropes, hitting the back of the head and landing a low blow which had the referee close to calling the fight a DQ. He managed to play fair long enough to survive and a secure a rear naked choke in the third round however. The 21 year old is sure to have a bright future if he can tame his aggressive game to work within the confines of the rules.

Matches for July 16th's "Way of Shooto 4" were announced, Shooto 115lb World Champion Rambaa "M-16" Somdet will make his first title defense against Hiroyuki Abe, Taiki Tsuchiya will face one of Japan's top prospects in Issei Tamura and Kenichiro Togashi will also be on the card.


Kikuno Married:

You can now download the Lion fight:

I was going to download them, but I'm sure someone will upload them onto youtube.


DEEP 48 impact:

Date: July 3rd, 2010
Place: Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan

Jung Hwan Cha vs. Shigetoshi Iwase
Tatsunao Nagakura vs. Tomoya Kato
Yoshiki Harada vs. Masato Kobayashi
Hiroshi Iron Nakamura vs. Tomohiko Hori
Kazuhisa Tazawa vs. Makoto Something
Yuki Ito vs. Yasuhiro Kawasaki
Sadao Kondo vs. Kosuke (Kosuto) Umeda
Yusuke Kawaguchi vs. TBA
Eiji Ishikawa vs. TBA

- all from N.O.B


Kawajiri x Aoki Promo:



K-1 Max announcement on June 3rd - From N.O.B:

Expect a live press conference and all that usual jazz. I cannot wait.

Japan-mma is reporting the Deep 48 Impact card:

Shigetoshi Iwase 9-12-3 vs. Jung Hwan Cha
Seigo Mizuguchi 7-6-0 vs. 5-1-1 Kazuhisa Tazawa
Tomohiko Hori 11-8-5 vs. 9-4-5 Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura
Tatsunao Nagakura 5-1-0 vs. 8-2-0 Tomoya Kato
Yuki Ito 8-5-9 vs. 5-1-1 Yasuhiro Kawasaki
Sadao Kondo 5-0-1 vs. 8-8-3 Kosuto Umeda
Yoshiki Harada 3-0-0 vs. 4-1-0 Masato Kobayashi

Yusuke Kawaguchi 11-2-0
Eiji Ishikawa 19-16-2

Satoru Kitaoka public practice for next fight:

Ishii bout declared no-contest:
The X-1 promotors have overturned the Satoshi Ishii DQ loss to Myles Tynanes to a no contest due to a referee miss. When Ishii dropped Myles at the end of the first round the gong wasnt noticed and the referee acted too slow (he didnt step in-between immediately following the gong sounding).

When Ishii heard this he didnt really care much. In his mind he won the fight. He showed growth in his stand-up game and that has increased his self-confidence. The fact that he KOd his opponent is bigger than the result being overturned.

Ishiis next fight will most likely be at one of the first two shows (July 10th and 18th) of new MMA promotion Impact FC in Australia. Fighters such as Paulo Filho and Josh Barnett are scheduled to compete at those events.

The plan after that is a possible fight at SRC14 which takes place on August 22nd at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. According to SRC director Mukai, Ishiis participation at SRC14 depends on if they can find a suitable opponent for him in time. It has to be someone who has some degree of familiarity with the Japanese fans or else his Japan return might come at a later event.
- From N.O.B


The last Shooto event has some fights uploaded:


6/5 Pancrase Passion Tour 5 - Results:
Main-Event: Welterweight King of Pancrase title fight:
16. Kengo Ura Def. Keiichiro Yamamiya by MUST decision 2-1 (all judges score it 30-30)

15. Light: Satoru Kitaoka Def. Jorge "Jorjao" Rodrigues by Decision 3-0
14. Light: Eriya Matsuda Def. Yoshifumi Dogaki by TKO Round 1 3:34
13. Feather: Masaya "J-Taro" Takita Def. Shigeyuki Uchiyama by TKO Round 2 2:57
The doctor stopped the fight after, it sounds like part of Uchiyama's ear fell off!

12. Fly: Ryosuke Tanuma Def. Takuya Eizumi by Decision 3-0
11. Bantam: Takumi Murata Def. Ryota Sasaki by Decision 3-0
10. Light-Heavy: Yuhei Fukuda Def. Jason "Mutant" Symak by Armbar Round 1 4:44
9. Fly: Yuichiro Yajima Def. Narongchai by Armlock Round 1 2:15

Neo-Blood Tournament Semi-Finals:
8. Light: Katsunori Takahashi Def. Junichi Ota by KO Round 1 1:39
7. Light: Jyuntaro Ami Def. Keigo Hirayama by Decision
6. Feather: Motoshi Miyaji Def. Kensaku Nakamura by Triangle choke Round 2 0:42
5. Feahter: Masakazu Takafuji Def. Hiroshi Tomita by TKO Round 2 0:13
4. Bantam: Yuki Uejima Def. Shoko Sato by Decision
3. Bantam: Motonobu Tezuka Def. Yuta Numakura by Decision
2. Fly: Yoshihiro Matsunaga Def. Go Yamanaka by Decision
1. Fly: Hiroyuki "Katsuo" Nakajima Def. Daichi Kitakata by Decision

- From Japan-mma


DEEP results:
Match Winner Loser Method Round Time
1 Sho Nonaka Naoyuki Kato Draw 2 5:00
2 Yusuke Kagiyama Doo Ho Choi Decision (Split) 2 5:00
3 Koji Nakamura Taro Kusano Draw 2 5:00
4 Ryosuke Komori Nobuhiro Yoshitake Submission (Heel Hook) 1 0:24
5 Yusaku Nakamura Yuichiro Shirai KO (Punch) 1 2:55
6 Yasuaki Kishimoto Un Sik Song Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00
7 Young Choi Katsuyori Shibata Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
8 Seichi Ikemoto Naoki Matsushita Decision (Majority) 3 5:00


ZST results:
Match Winner Loser Method Round Time
1 Hiroshi Takahashi DEF Sadayuki Watanabe KO (Punch) 1 1:05
2 Fumitaka Izuka DEF Shin Takenaka Draw 2 5:00
3 Ryusuke Uchida DEF Norihiko Hattori TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 2 3:23
4 Yusei Kawana DEF Makoto Sasaki Draw 2 5:00
5 Keizo Hisamoto DEF Yuji Komori Draw 2 5:00
6 Yoshitaka Abe DEF Kazuki Hayashida Submission (Kimura) 2 3:46


John Cena in Japan tour:




6.6 SB GirlsS-cup 2009 champion RENA & Valkyrie feather weight champion Vhajime & Hisae Watanabe

Shinya-Kawa Training video for Dream 15:

Shootboxing results:
Hiroki Shishido def. Virgil Kalakoda, KO rd. 3
Satoru Suzuki def. Kenji Kanai , DEC
Tatsuya Kusakabe def. Fushimi Kazuyuki, KO rd. 3 to win the Young Caesars tournament
Hiroaki Suzuki def. Tenkei Fujimiya, Split DEC
V Hajime def. Ikue Tanimura, DEC
Hisae Watanabe def. Sumie Yamada, DEC
Takeshi Ishikawa def. Taylor McCorriston, DEC
Takeshi Shimada def. Sakimura Xiaodong, DEC

Shigeyuki Uchiyama's Ear Torn Off in Pancrase:

Pancrase 2010 passion tour 7/4/2010:

Sengoku 13:

Younger people think NATO is a fabulous group of people, kind uncles with drums and shiny uniforms,
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