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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Fine, i still think BJJ is the ultimate Martial art.
You're entitled to your opinion.

As a judo practitioner who crosstrains in BJJ, I have found that alot of straight BJJ practitioners have a hard time pulling a submission on me once I've slammed them to the mat 3 or 4 times and just maintained a solid top position while working armlocks, wristlocks and chokes.

The problem with BJJ is that it's a terribly incomplete style. It focuses on a groundgame, but it doesn't teach effective ways to get an opponent to the ground.

I've never had a problem with a BJJ fighter using leverage or control on me, because they usually have to peel him off of the mat after I hip throw him and take side control about a half dozen times (just doing a basic sidechoke every time we go to the ground).

Learn something about Judo so that you actually have an argument.

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