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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
They jacked this game up for the worse as far as im concerned. Reading a FuKiNg spread sheet IS NOT WHAT I WANT FROM AN MMA GAME. Even worse I HAVE TO MANAGE SAID SPREAD SHEET!?

Ive taken to leveling each stat up individually and not spreading the points out to much. that way I can excell in atleast a few areas and pray to god the COM doesnt attack my weakness.

Game looks and feels much better in the octagon but everyting else is jank. Also im allready getting tired of the horrible Yukes janky ass animations. Please Dana give the I.P. to a real developer not a toy making company.

I went the first 10 fights fine winning every one but then I hit a wall where all the UFC guys have ten times the stats that I have and are nearly impossible to beat unless I get a flash KO. This only occurs because of the terrible training modes where the com allways runs away making it hard to score training points, or learn certain new moves.

For exampe ive found it impossible to learn the Judo hip throw because you have to be in the defensive from the clinch but th COM refuses to grapple or even engage me.RAGE!!!!!!!

Oh well back to Red Dead Redemption.
I am right there with you. I could literally beat the living crap out of a UFC fighter in round one, then in round 2 they will come out and KO me with 2 shots. It literally takes me back to my controller throwing days...
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