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I'm actually not doing to bad in the UFC, but I do have my problems against grapplers. I don't get knocked out, but it seems the scoring is flawed. I lost the first round against Guida, got taken down repeatedly and only landed some body kicks. Round 2 I landed enough kicks to slow him down so I could stuff all takedowns so I pretty much won that round. In round 2 he couldn't do anything, he lost his balance every time I kicked him in the legs and his stamina was wayyyyyyyy low. I couldn't manage to rock him though. The fight ended 29-27 for Guida. Go figure...

I can beat pretty much any striker right now, I've only lost to Joe Stevenson (flash submission... bastard), Guida and one flash KO from WFA.

What I can tell you from my experience so far:

- manual sparring gives me 2-3 times the points than auto sparring
- forget focused sparring until your skills are at about 50
- don't improve too many stats simultaneously, two or three are enough. When you have all your stats at 30, use all your points to get your 2 or 3 main skills to 50, then proceed with your secondary skills. That way you can more or less counteract skill deterioration
- don't attend promotion stuff, it keeps you from improving your game and the cred bonus is insignificant
- don't learn 20 new moves right in the beginning, my CAF is doing just fine with less moves but more stats
- how to max conditioning: rest 3 weeks before a fight so you are at 0% fatigue and 80% conditioning. Then train your strength/speed/stamina lightly the next week. Now apply a gameplan. Your fatigue will go down and your conditioning will be 90-95%. If anyone knows how to get to 100%/0%, please share your knowledge.

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