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Originally Posted by iceman574
i cant say i agree it really gets under my skin when you people make out he is a rubbish fighter just cos he has lost a few fights doesnt meen he is washed up or a medoka fighter just recap his last fights and how he lost and to be fair he has not lost to eny rubbish fighters has he all of them have been world class. shamrock has been really unlucky in his last few fights LETS RECAP

he came back after a long absence to fight tito who at the time was the best 205 in the ufc not only did shamrock have ring rust agenst him but he olso has a torn acl he had lost that fight before it started he should have bottled up his pride and prosponed maybe have had a warm up fight so that loss was his fault

then he fights franklin and SLIPS TWICE allowing franklin to take advantage i am not to sure weather or not franklin would have beat him had he not slipped shamrock seemed to be the agresser but we will never know.thwn franklin went on to become to best middleweight in the ufc

then he lost to tito agein and to be blunt HE WAS SQREWD usually when a fighter is in trouble the ref will say get out of tere or ill stop it givin the fighter a chance HERB DEAD DIDNT DO THIS HE NEVER GAVE SHAMMY A CHANCE TO RECOVER.

it does my head in when shamrock losses and he is called crap but when royce loses he is still the greatest shamrock has plenty of fight left in him and is not as bad of a fighter as it may seem dont forget randy lost his fair share of fights in the heavyweight div then went on to beat chuck

lol here you go again with another Ken Shamrock Essay. Franklin clearly beat him no excuse .The second fight with Tito...plz he did an easy double leg slam in the begining of the fight and hit straight elbows in his face it was a bad call only because i wanted to see Ken out cold for sure so he knew that he lost. he was waxed Bitc* slapped pimp smacked SPANKED beatdown stepped owned tooled humbled,Tito knocked his hair Piss blonde.It's over and im glad Tito can move on to newer and better things.

I still respect ken and i still think hes kind of funny but he is becoming a joke and needs to get out.
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