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Hey, I actually forgot this was here. I had started the log, but was unable to write anything down when I started it, and just now saw it in my "Subscribed Threads" area. Ah, my dumbness amazes me sometimes!

Well, lets jump right into this one! I'm not going to rehash what I've been doing for months, mostly because it all kind of mashes together at this point!

Lets start with my goals:

1. Achieve LHW without having to cut weight, this way I can fight at LHW or MW depending on the situation. I hope to walk at 202-205, maybe 206 with a burger in me!

2. Be prepared for an amateur tournament taking place May 28th 2011. Its over the course of 2 days, with each fighter competing in 5 fights total, assuming the fighter wins each fight. Each fight is 2 10 minute rounds. I suspect it will be hellatiously difficult and painful, but 1st price is $1,200, second is $400. So its worth it in my book.

3. My theory is to average out how much time I spend in every area competing. Multiply the number of minutes by 10 and thats how many minutes to train in that area per day. I hope to achieve that level of endurance in the interviening months.

4. Better myself mentally and physically with the innevitable goal of competing in professional competition with a, significantly, winning record.

Okay, as for the workouts. Lets start with two days ago, since thats as far as I remember in detail:

1. Cardio, ran 3 miles, though it was more of an on off run since I have a problem with thinking about my breathing while I run, and when I think about it, I change my breathing rhythm and it gets all ****ed up!

2. Freestyle heavybag work (approx 1 hour) mixing kicks, punches, clinch knees/elbows as well as short range knees and elbows.

3. Worked slams and hip tosses on the heavy bag before doing some GnP, including position changes from full guard, to half, side mount, and full, then back down over and over, uber fun, a constant reminder as to why I dislike GnP.(approx 1 hour)

Yesterday, I did very little in terms of technique work.
I did some weight lifting. Hypertrophic and Power lifting yesterday:
Bench Presses
Lateral Rows
Shoulder Presses

I also did BW training in the areas of:
Box Jumps
I wanted to do more but got all pansy bitch tired and decided that was enough.

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