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Ok, so its been awhile and I haven't been as dedicated as I should be, but I started training for a fight in September there is no set date or anything yet, but I'm focused on fighting at 205 by then...

According to the scale here in the shipping department I weigh 239lbs I know that yesterday i weighed in at 245 but I ate like a pig this weekend with the BBQ's and everything going on...

I did most of my workout at Lauzon's which is going to be my main gym again, there just isn't enough MMA technique at the gym I've been going too, I still plan on attending both gyms seeing as the classes don't overlap...

We started of with kickboxing rounds last night, 4X5min rounds switching partners every min. next we moved into the cage and did MMA rounds I was working with 2 other HWY's one who is getting ready for his first fight in august so he would stay in the whole round and me and the other guy would switch off at 2:30 into the round. we did that a few times then moved to ground and pound drills, where he was in guard this time, then half guard, then we would be in guard... it was exhausting.

Tonight i have MMA at one gym then Wrestling at Lauzons

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