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Great post. I'm a huge fan of the body shot and it makes me happy to see it brought up a bit. I think one of the important things to remember about the body shot is that it doesn't need to be a knockout level blow. Body shots remind me of leg kicks. A leg kick has a chance to do serious damage by breaking the leg or disclocating the knee or what have you, but more often than not it just does minor to medium damage and weakens the fighter overall. I consider the body blow in the same respect. It has that potential to be a fight ender, but if it doesn't, it's still a lot harder to shake off a bruised rib than to shake the cobwebs out of the ol' noggin after a fist to face incident.

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I agree that kicks to the body are a much safer and more versatile option. While a handstrike to the body could possibly be more surgical, its much more likely to get you knocked down, or out, than a solid body kick or knee, but even knees get you mighty close!
I agree with that in a way, but the choice of words makes me want to disagree. Are you worried about getting clipped in the face because you went for a body shot? Or are you worried about slipping or getting caught/getting taken down because you put all of your weight on one stiff leg while you swung your other leg at someone's midsection? I think you're on to something, but I just don't think that kicks are all that much "safer" than body punching.
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