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Originally Posted by North View Post
I agree with that in a way, but the choice of words makes me want to disagree. Are you worried about getting clipped in the face because you went for a body shot? Or are you worried about slipping or getting caught/getting taken down because you put all of your weight on one stiff leg while you swung your other leg at someone's midsection? I think you're on to something, but I just don't think that kicks are all that much "safer" than body punching.
Both actually. I prefer to stick to the ouside. Much of this has to do with my lesser reach compared to my sparring partner, and his annoyingly accurate and timed striking!

My thinking that its safer is that, while you are open for a shot with your leg up in the air, you are less likely to be cracked on the jaw when you're four feet away, rather than two.

And if your opponent happens to grab your leg and come in to strike, ala Anderson or Wanderlei Silva. You can just pull guard and grapple with them. You cut the likelihood of your opponent getting a flash KO to a fraction of its likelihood if you came in with a hook, or a cross to the body in the middle of a least that's how I see it.
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