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Early day was just waking up and stretching out and relaxing until MMA class tonight at 1830.

Once the class is over I will post the details of what we did!

MMA Class - 1800-1930

Plyometric circuit training
1 minute per station, 4 stations
Station 1 - Pullups (Swap with partner after 30 seconds and do them to fail)
Station 2 - High Box Jump (Alternate with partner per jump and do straight through for the whole 1 minute)
Station 3 - Plyometric Pushups w/ cinder blocks (Wide Arm -> Left arm up -> Close grip -> Right arm up -> Repeat)
Station 4 - High intensity speed rope/jump rope

Core Body Circuit
1 minute per station, 4 stations
Station 1 - Medicine Ball Partner Situps
Station 2 - Medicine Ball Leg Raises
Station 3 - Medicine Ball Torso Twists
Station 4 - Ab Roller Wheel

Punching Circuit
1 minute per station, 4 stations
Station 1 - Jab Cross on Heavy Bag
Station 2 - Dumbbell Jabs
Station 3 - Jab Elbow on Heavy Bag
Station 4 - Ground and Pound w/ Heavy Bag on ground

Structured BJJ Practice
Did guard escapes and submissions from low guard

Free BJJ sparring starting from the knees

Overall was an awesome class and was pretty sore afterwords. Since this was only the 2nd class the instructor says the focus for the first month or so with this group is still going to be on cardio and endurance at the start and not as much focus on BJJ and Muay Thai/Boxing but will transition more and more into the fighting later on.
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