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6/4 - Strength Training


Got my ass kicked in a hardcore way by my strength coach today!

[1 minute rest between each superset set also(not including breaks between the actual superset groups)]

Warm-up Cardio
Treadmill - 5 min. @ 5mph -> 5min. @ 6mph

1 minute rest

Plyometric Clap Push Ups
a. 20 Regular + 10 from knees
b. 20 Regular + 10 from knees
c. 20 Regular + 10 from knees

30 sec. rest

1. Explosive Clean and Jerks
a. 15 x 45lbs
b. 15 x 65lbs
c. 17 x 65lbs (To fail)

1 minute rest

2. Dumbbell Jump Squats (These sucked!)
a. 30 x 40lbs
b. 35 x 50lbs
c. 35 x 50lbs

1 minute rest

3A. Single Handed Cable Rows (Alternating Hands)
a. 30 x 32.5lbs
b. 30 x 37.5lbs
c. 41 x 37.5lbs (To Fail)

3B. Single Handed Kneeled Flies (Ground and Pound w/ Cables)
a. 30 x 32.5lbs
b. 30 x 37.5lbs
c. 40 x 37.5lbs (To Fail)

1 minute rest

4A. Barbell Curl
a. 15 x 55lbs
b. 15 x 65lbs

4B. Hammer Strength Seated Dips
a. 20 x 90lbs
b. 20 x 140lbs

4C. Hammer Strength V-Squat
a. 20 x 180lbs
b. 20 x 270lbs
c. 26 x 360lbs (To Fail)

Sparring and Grappling @ 1630-1730 today and will post details and a small review on my new Fairtex gloves today after the class is over.

Also will start out my Nutrition log as a once a day thing at the end of the day today but will do pre/post workout shakes and nutrition along with my workouts. All will be contained within this log!
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