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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Not this time, rich can't afford to throw many leg kicks in this fight. The obvious game plan for chuck is to look for the knockout, trade smart combos with rich and most importantly score the take down every time he gets the chance. Not that chuck is going to make this a ground fight by any means, but these take downs will force rich to look for the finish or lose on points cause legs kicks won't be enough to win rounds if chuck can get him down.
I think Rich will work Liddell's wide stance alot and keep him guessing. When Chuck thinks it's going to the leg he catches it to the ribs when he thinks he's getting it in the ribs he get's pecked with average yet accurate striking and when he thinks he is gonna get punches he get's kicked in the leg.

Liddell is always one shot away from winning as Wandy was and it wouldn't terribly surprise me if he won by KO/TKO. This is just my prediction and I want to see how close I can come on record.

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