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Originally Posted by LambertCFMMA View Post
lol at being "butthurt." I was just saying your grasp on judging isn't great. It's cool though. A lot of people make that mistake, you're not the first and you won't be the last. Cool prediction. I obviously hope you're wrong but I've got nothing against Rich and as long as it's an exciting fight I'll be happy.
Ya sorry don't mean to come across as pissy.

For the record I am a Liddell fan also. One of the biggest supporters going into UFC 97 (look back if you want) don't know though that fight just completely sucked my faith away. He didn't even look like Chuck Liddell he looked like Mark Coleman wearing Iceman shorts.

Going into UFC 97 there was lot's of talk about Chuck evolving as a fighter taking this make seriously etc etc but in the end nothing changed or improved at all, in fact he got worse. Rashad's KO might have been more devastating but I feel like Chuck was winning up until that point. Who knows though this has been a long time off and the pics I have seen CHUCK IS IN SHAPE.

Not really even a huge Franklin fan ether this is just my prediction. Unfortunately I see Liddell living out the rest of his fights in Hughes fashion, Semi-Retired.

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