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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Ok guys, just cause Villify is red doesn't give you all free range to crap all over him and say what you want. The buck stops here or infractions are coming, some of you deserve them already.

FTR....I dont crap over anyone just cuz there red, the dude is one o those guys that knows what annoys people and so he does it. Personally I just try to avoid his posts because they are made to create drama. If someone comes at me wrong its my right to shoot them a rep, but in all honesty, he doesnt need any neg reps, the dude appears to have made his mark alredy.

If I were him and wanted to change that(very possible) I would not be as abrasive or insultin to people I post or quote their posts. Just some friendly advice!!

Toxic - So now if people are leaving foul or F'd up PM's they get infracted??? Is that yes or no??? Serious Question??
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