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Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
Well, my baby mama won't speak to me now. We were talking and trying to fix everything, because we've been separated for two years now. However, when I quit my job and lost insurance on her, she seemed to change, and I brought it up with her, and basically told her that she didn't want anything to do with me unless she was benefitting financially in one way or another. She brought up how she was supportive when my Dad passed two years ago, but when all is said and done, her words and her actions are completely opposite. She says she wants to work it out, but she never makes any changes to actually try.

It's sad, and I know it's for the better, but it's awkward not having a female to talk to at all.
After two years, you can be assured that you have given it your best try.

Chin up Bounca. You are quite right that it's for the best.

On a related note, the last part of your last sentence amazed me. I thought woman chatter was just something men tolerated due to the perks that came with it.

An idiot just drank whiskey, then went in the downstairs bathroom and brushed his teeth, so the bathroom smells like mint whiskey BLEEEARRGGHHHH!!!

EDIT: I drove L&M to his work so his friend could pick him up, so they could be on a muh****in boat. Said friend said he would drive L&M home. I'm a dumbass for not anticipating the "can you come get me?" Fortunately, I had not gotten my drink on yet, but I think I may have earned one now.

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