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Random diary moment for me. The week following the fight has been lovely. No training, eating crap food every day, drinking, chasing girls, attention whoring my fight on facebook.

I'm starting to get the itch to train again, which is a good sign. I leave for Brazil in 9 days which will keep me from slipping into the unhealthy habits for long. It's good that I'm going out there following a fight, because I'm in shape and ready to go. 3 months to do nothing but relax and train and focus on myself. It's come at a perfect time in my life because personal reasons are driving me out of where I am now. Going to talk to my doctor about getting off the anti depressant and seeing how things feel. I think it's all going to work out nicely.

I'm excited to see how fast things are going to improve out there. I remember training in Thailand almost two years ago now. My striking was better in a month there than it has ever been. There's no substitute for the extra effort that comes with isolating yourself from your daily life and just training. New coaches and new perspective is great too. I don't doubt that I'll be near purple belt material when I return...I'm planning on hitting the tournaments hard when I get home to clear out blue belt divisions every where. I'm going to work on getting my striking back up to something I can be proud off too. Everything feels like slop right now in the stand up, so we'll do what we can. I'd also like to jump back into fighting right away. I'll send a few messages to management while I'm out there and hopefully they can line things for me up when I get back fast. I'm going to have alot of momentum behind me, and I think 2 more amateur fights by the end of the year is easily within my grasp.

Then we can start looking into pro fights in 2011. Who knows, with a few wins I can start looking for sponsorships and train full time. They're talking about doing a Canadian TUF, maybe the timing will work out and I can get in on that action. We won't get too caught up in that dream quite yet though.

So yeah, everything's in order and I'm going to take it easy until I get to brazil. Going to watch lots of jits instructionals and work on my portugese. My visa got through fine, so all I have to do is move my crap out of my apartment, pack my shit, and go. I'll be doing some lifting because it's been awhile and would like to keep my strength up. I don't know how much lifting I'll get done out there. I lost alot of weight in thailand and expect to do the same here. Technique and endurance is a good trade off for strength anyhow, and I know how to get strength back anyways. I'll also hit up the burpees at least once before I go so that they don't slip too far. Apparently Paulo Thiago is training at our camp for the UFC coming up in Vancouver. Maybe I'll head out that way and watch some of our guys spar with him. Shit, maybe I'll get to do a round!

I should also probably do one or two BJJ classes to get me in the swing of things. It's a goodbye of sorts too because our jiu jitsu instructor Dave Rothwell is leaving our gym for the most part to work on a new one elsewhere. He'll still be stopping in for grading and promotions, but it does feel like I'm out of a great coach and instructor. Hopefully I get some chances to train with Dave when I get back and show him what I pick up in Brazil. When I get back and make my move to the Langley gym I'll probably be absorbed into Bibiano Fernandes' class, which is pretty exciting too.

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