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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
I can't do it, there are some women in one of my Muay Thai classes. I don't spar with them anymore, no offense to women out there, but I felt was I was being attacked by my son. It's possible I'm just a big guy and was too concerned about hurting them.

They are very good though, I just can't bring myself to kick one of those girls haha, every single one of my senses tells me not to. My wife wants to start taking BJJ classes "together" but she's never been to a class in her life, which means I'd be in the beginners classes, I keep trying to tell her it's not a couple thing haha. We can do plenty together, martial arts is not one of them.

I'm sure I probably sound like a male chauvinist, but it's just my opinion, sorry Swp
None taken. I would not attempt to take a class where there was full on sparring with my husband. Also BJJ is not a good art for couples who are both beginners to take together, it's only for adaptation to the bedroom in that regard, IMO. If you both become very well versed in that art on your own, the picture may change a little.

Having said that, my husband is a good uke for my blossoming judo skills.

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