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The problem is with these guys, some of them think that it's best to start training in MMA without any background if you wanna compete in MMA. They actually think having a background can hinder your learning process because of those "bad habits".

And they believe that fighters without background are better than the ones with, and that in the future everybody will start training in MMA without building a base in some other sport. The thing is that club has a good fighter named Dragan Tesanovic who trained soccer() and strated training MMA and is busting up guys who are European medalists in Judo.They use him as a prime example.

But what irritates me the most is this. How can a sport be called MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, and have coaches from various arts teaching different aspects of the sport, and then be claimed that it is a special, unique martial art?
What MMA is , IMO is the integration of all arts that can together cover the 3 aspects of fighting, not a unique martial art.

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)

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