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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Totally agree with you on everything but the number of aspects of an MMA competition I see it as 11 separate areas, though almost every Martial Art cover more than 1. There are a few guys who are just great natural athletes who can jump into MMA and be great.

But there are also those guys who started with just a single Martial Art as a child and grew and evolved into the tremendous machines they are today. I reference Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida as two. I don't think Dragan Tesanovic compares...
I just have to say that Machida and Shoguna aren't good examples. Machida has had experience in all 3 aspects of MMA: Striking(Karate), Clinch(Sumo) and Ground(BJJ). Also Shogun had experience in both MT and BJJ if I'm not mistaken.
And this guy, Dragan has just started out and is 5-0 in MMA. He is a big prospect they say.

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)
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