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Strike Point for kicks?

I am severely confused on a point of contention...

I have a personal friend who is training in Muy Thai & BJJ.

He tells me that you never want to strike with the top of your foot, that you should always strike with the low shin.

From what I've seen in videos of the technique it looks like the point of contact is where the ankle meets the foot (shin).

Now when I train on the bag, if I mess up and the top of my foot hits the bag it hurts like hell.

Last night I was talking with another friend, He's studied numerous techniques.

He tells me the best way to strike for leg strikes is to strike with the top of your foot.

With the 1st friend he tells me if you do the later method for a thai strike or any strike for that matter you run a substantial risk of breaking your foot.

What would be the best way to figure out where I should be striking for leg-strikes

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