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BJJ - just did the beginners class and we did a ton of guard passing. Did alright. Feels good to be back. My ear seems to be holding up to punishment but I'm a little sketched out about it. Going to look into headgear before I go to Brazil.

Some cool new developments - a reporter from our local newspaper wants to do an interview with me and get a picture after my mom harassed them a bit. Looks like I'm getting in the paper... For once my mom's overbearing antics have played out well for me.

Another point of interest - there's currently a contest to create a commercial pushing an energy drink. Top prize is 25,000$ cash, second is 15,000 and third is 10,000. My friend in film school contacted me about doing a thirty second commercial in which I basically act like a badass, maybe cut to some training, cut to some fight footage, endorse the drink. He knows what he's doing behind a camera and with film editing so I figure we have a decent shot at placing. Couldn't hurt anyways. We'll probably shoot a bit either wednesday or thursday and get him some material to edit down. We're thinking some shadowboxing and hitting the bag should do. I can also take him to the weights room and just hit some one rep maxes or something if he wants.

I packed up the majority of my shit today and moved it into storage. Visa for Brazil is good to go. Last day of work is Saturday. Also need to visit my doctor about some stuff on friday. Going to have a full day party to see me off on sunday. Also have to squeeze in a last minute booty call or two. Then all I have to do is take apart and move a bit of furniture, pack my bags, and go.

So yeah. I'm keeping busy.
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