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I'd say Hughes is the most dominating fighter in UFC. When you look who's he's beaten name wise and how most of the guys lost its pretty impressive i think.

But the only reason i wouldn relate Hughs and Ali is because Hughes is very humble while ali talked alot of smack.

Edit: Ya but graice also hasn't beat any big names in a while. I'd like to see Gracie vs like GSP, Rich Franklin, or other big name fighters in the UFC. I'd have to say Kimo and Ken Sham are good fighters but there not to the status of GSP and fighters no days. Also beating guys like Kieth Hackney isn't the most impressive thing i've seen, i still think gracie is another example of someone getting worse strickly because of the fact he isn't learning much Mui Thai or Boxing, he's sticking to little kicks and submissions, which works up to a certain degree.

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