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Originally Posted by UnseenKing
The most superior art is Mixed Martial Arts. Yep MMA
imo theres no such thing because all martial arts are "mixed martial arts" judo has striking techniques, so does bjj, karate has grappeling in it etc

Originally Posted by IronMan
You're entitled to your opinion.

As a judo practitioner who crosstrains in BJJ, I have found that alot of straight BJJ practitioners have a hard time pulling a submission on me once I've slammed them to the mat 3 or 4 times and just maintained a solid top position while working armlocks, wristlocks and chokes.

The problem with BJJ is that it's a terribly incomplete style. It focuses on a groundgame, but it doesn't teach effective ways to get an opponent to the ground.

I've never had a problem with a BJJ fighter using leverage or control on me, because they usually have to peel him off of the mat after I hip throw him and take side control about a half dozen times (just doing a basic sidechoke every time we go to the ground).

Learn something about Judo so that you actually have an argument.
good post, in fact i think in the book gurilla jiu jitzu the author made a point about how most bjj people dont know how to effectively use take downs and throws

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