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6/9 - Cardio/Core + Heavy Bag and TKD

Cardio/Core Workout @ Gym

Treadmill Run
5 min. @ 5mph > 5 min. @ 6mph > 5 min. @ 7mph > 5 min. @ 8mph > 5 min. @ 9mph > 5 min. @ 10mph > 5 min cool down decreasing 1mph per 30 sec. > Sprint @ 10mph for 30 sec. > Done

5 minutes of rest

Core Body Workout

Go through stations until 15 minutes is up

A. Plank on Fists (2 minutes)
B. Cable Torso Twists (10 per side @ 27.5lbs)
C. Paloff Press & Hold [Weight/Time is per side] 2 minutes @ 25lbs
D. Heavy Bag Situps x 20 (Wrap legs around heavy bag as high as possible -> Extend self as low as possible so body becomes parallel with bag and sit up doing inverted sit ups...)

Heavy Bag Drills

Generic Boxing and Muay Thai drills w/ 10oz Heavy Bag Gloves

Core Workout Rnd. 2

Go through stations until 30 minutes is up and rest 1 minute between each circuit

A. Explosive Medicine Ball Twists x 100 (15lb ball)
B. Workout Ball Crunches w/ 35lb Plate on Chest x 50
C. Heavy Bag Lower Back + Abs @ 1 minute or to fail(Wrap legs around bag as before but hold 25lb plate to chest and keep upper body perpendicular to bag)
D. Medicine Ball Situps + Jab Cross x 50 each time you sit up with as much speed and force as possible while keeping good form


First 15 minutes was warm up exercises (Pushups, Kicks, Punches etc... as a formation with everyone in the class)

Mid 30 minutes was kicking drills w/ class

Last 15 minutes was to work on forms
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