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Its been a few months since i started training

I joined an mma class which went pretty bad. I would just get ****ed up alot so I decided to wait on that.

I then enrolled into good ol' gracie jiu jitsu and I've been picking up in it pretty quickly (even though I'm having trouble making time to make it to class at least twice a week).

I recently pulled off my first arm bar against a blue belt in my class. (in his defense he is way older than me and he was prolly pretty's kinda shitty cause most the students my size are way older)

I feel bad that i rarely make it twice a week and the last two weeks I've had bronchitis so i haven't seen the gym for a while.

I was wondering if everyone else feels a little bit on autopilot when they are rolling? Like with that blue belt, I rolled out of a submission for the first time seemingly automatically to avoid something he was doing that put pressure on my left arm. and then when i pulled off the arm bar it just happened. I can't even remember how.

I feel like i would be a better grappler if I could be more clear minded.

how can I do this?
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