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My ex girl has a brother who has a down syndrom and i could see her pain when i said that i like watching south park (later i figured it out that it was a bad idea to mention south park ..she finds them very offensive)..

like you all know nobody is safe from them not even myself.. i see them making fun of me in many ways but i can live with it cause in the end everybody gets it not only me.. some people can`t and shouldn`t if it`s not acceptable to them..
best way is to ignore all those who are putting salt on your wounds with those remarks (Someone from up there lets call him the mod of all mods sees it all and will punish them be sure about that)..

I have some people on the course i go to and they make fun of everybody .. she is fat that guy is ugly he has aids this and that even the word of this subject..
sure i can tell em that it isnt nice and how would you feel if someone close to you was made fun of in that way ..

thing is they would not care cause they are too busy making themselfs feel better at someone else`s expense.. most people just don`t care.. that`s why the dog is a mans best friend (of course not all), he loves you just the way you are (if you are good to him in some way that is)

so if you can ignore them.. and if possible forgive but never forget..

..... thats all i have to say at this moment (not in the best mood also).. could be i missed the point but maybe just maybe this could be some help or at least a sign of support.. stay cool..

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