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Originally Posted by WhiteWolf View Post
Bryant had the skills to easily win that fight, but lacks something mentally. He has good, heavy hands, solid wrestling, decent ground control, but the guy just doesn't apply himself, or is an abysmal strategist. He played right into the pal of Kris' hand. He was tagging McCray pretty good with those shots, but the problem is, he never really threw them. He sat back and waited too much for whatever reason.

I like McCray, but the guy looks like crap every time he fights. He has poor technique, bad cardio, and has a pretty small reach. He beat Kyle Noke who had horrible takedown defense and just bad wrestling altogether. Plus, the fact that Mazzagatti was refereeing the fight didn't help. Kyacey Uscola just sucks. And now Bryant. Court is going to maul Kris in the finale if he can coutner his LnP tactics.
He sat back because he thought Chris was going to run foward like he did last time. The deciding factor in this fight was the gameplans...Savage had the better....I think this is going to be a great final fight for this season...You have to remember McCray fought 5 time this season....5 fights in 6 weeks is insane you would have to be in the best shape possible to operate at top level each week comming off a fight not to mention the ringer tito was putting them through during all this....
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