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Originally Posted by IronMan
Good post, myz.

What he's trying to say about MMA as the ultimate style is that mixing styles is way more effective than just pure styles like BJJ or Judo. The best martial art, but that standard is the "mixed martial art" or the art that's comprehensive. Obviously, it's not an organized style, but it is a school of thought that many (if not most) fighters in this day and age follow.

There are a lot of people who criticize BJJ people for their inability to defend the takedown. I, personally, have trained with BJJ guys who are working on that. The real issue isn't that all BJJ fighters don't know it, it's that alot of BJJ schools don't teach it, so the students have to go elsewhere to become really excellent and complete martial artists.

By the same token, there are things that I didn't learn in Judo before I started looking at BJJ, but I feel that I was much more well rounded than the BJJ guys were because I could take my opponents down fairly easily, as well as use that to get myself into top position with relative ease.

The point is, all BJJ practitioners who want to be effective even in Jiu-Jitsu competition should learn takedowns, both for the initial takedown and the ability to defend the takedown. That's what my point was.
so true. I started taking bjj because most judo schools will have become to competition oriented. They will teach you pins and only show you submitions they dont teach you drills or how to use the submitions effectively. Most schools also dont teach escapes. They get to focused on throwing and trying to get an ippon.

By the same token alot of BJJ guys will develop some weak take downs and just focus on trying to get it to the floor.

All the greats cross train. Kimora himself never limited himself to judo. He cross trained in karate and boxing. They say that his grip was so strong because he did intense makiwara training.

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