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Luger's Training program

I started roughly 14-weeks back on a Monday.

I place a high priority on overall endurance Monday/Tuesday, go for maintenance lifting, cardio and runs Wednesday through Friday and do light workouts over Saturday/Sunday.

I have a 70-pound bag in a shed, there is no air or power in the shed. The only amenity within the shed is a pair of primitive shelves on one wall.

Soon there will be a trio of resistance cords and a speed bag. The cords will be a 15,30,& 50 pound.

Within the month there will be a bench-press set.

So far I do a routine of 5-10 sets of 30 for all of my lifts/exercises on the 1st day (Monday) then I double the set-load for the 2nd day (Tuesday)

The exercises are as follows:
1. Regular push-ups, Elevated Regs.
2. Regular diamond, Elevated Diamond.
3. Side Rotated Fist-Push ups, Elevated Fists.
4. Regular Fist-ups, Elevated Fist-ups.
5. Spider-man pushups, elevated.
6. Planche pushups, elevated.
7. Crunches, 40-pound crunch, 80-pound crunch.
8. Elevated leg crunch, 5 & 10 pound ankle weighted reverse.
9. 50 pound and 60 pound Pull-overs.
10. 75-pound bench-press.
11. Curls (dual-armed) 40 & 60 pound.
12. 2.5 pound punch training.
13. 15-30-50 pound strike training (as soon as the cords come).
14. 60 pound squat.
15. 60 pound dead-lift.
16. 60 pound dual armed overhead presses front and rear.
17. 30 pound single handed curls and 50 pounds.
18. 30 pound punches (dumbbell)
19. 30 pound overhead presses and 50 pounds
20. 30 pound sit ups with single-handed dumbbell.
21. 100-pound squats.
22. 100-pound dual arm curls.
23. 100-pound stair climbs.
24. 100-pound walks (30-minutes)
25. overhead pull-ups, weighted.

From 26-28 I try to do at least bi-weekly.

26. light ab curls on machine 60Lbs heavy is at 120lbs.
27. machine overhead press, light 80 pounds and heavy at 140 pounds.
28. hip press machine, light at 80 pounds mid at 180 and heavy at 250 pounds.

29. Cardio/strength mini-circuit: 5 regular push-ups, 5 lateral fist push-ups, 5 vertical fist push-ups, and then elevated versions of these for 5 each, then 5 60lb dual armed curl, 5 overhead dual press @ 60lb, and 5 60lb squats in under 2 minutes.

This is primarily the body workout portion.

Now for my Striking I have a 70-pound punching bag that I plan on attaching 2-45Lbs plates and possibly 2-10Lbs.

I am Working on a blend of boxing and muy thai.

Right now I work on the bag three times a week for at least an hour up to 3 hours. I don't stick to one set I'll mix in as I please.

For monday I work on shin conditioning: sets of 100 roundhouse waist-level or into the abdomen-core and I do at least 4-5 sets.

For Wednesday, I work more on combos with the leg-strike to clinch range with the elbows and knees. I'll throw a heavy roundhouse run to the bag and stay in striking to clinch-range for about 5-10 seconds then dart out and do 10 of these for a set and do 5 or 10 in a workout.

For Friday, I combine all together: The shin-conditioning and combos all in one. Friday's normally run 3-hours.

When I have a training partner I'll do what I like to call fight-pace training. I will use the combos, with leg & hand-strikes at full force, full speed for 5 minutes take 2 minutes off and do 10 rounds in a workout.

This method is where I exert all of my force as fast as possible to see where the breaking point is.

In a few weeks I'll start semi-live sparring with 2 partners.

If anyone wishes to comment and add any conjecture please feel free.

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