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Date: July 3rd, 2010
Place: Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan

DEEP Featherweight Title Fight
Takafumi Otsuka vs. Koichiro Matsumoto

Shigetoshi Iwase vs. Jung Hwan Cha
Eiji Ishikawa vs. A Sol Kwon
Yutaka Ueda vs. In Suk Oh
Masato Kataoka vs. Gil Young Bok
TBA vs. Parky

Tatsunao Nagakura vs. Tomoya Kato
Yoshiki Harada vs. Masato Kobayashi
Hiroshi “Iron” Nakamura vs. Tomohiko Hori
Kazuhisa Tazawa vs. SEIGO
Yuki Ito vs. Yasuhiro Kawasaki
Sadao Kondo vs. Kosuke (Kosuto) Umeda




SRC stars of the future:

Kinniku Mantaro At SRC Tryouts?! Quality Applicants Chosen (Updated):
The SRC Pro Development/Amateur Development Fighter Tryouts were held on the 12th in Japan. World Victory Road and the Japan Martial Arts Federation are the organizations behind this project.

Two previously chosen SRC development fighters (“training players”) are Maxi and Shigeki Osawa. The chosen applicants are helped a great deal in their MMA careers with everything from work offered to participation in events to having their gym membership fee paid for them. They gave Osawa a job at a Don Quijote store for example. Basically they are backed up until they earn good money as pro MMA fighters or quit.

The development project seems to consist of 5 ranks: S-1, S-2, A, B, C and fighters can climb these ranks. I believe S-2 ranked fighters can participate in opening fights on SRC cards their first 1-2 years. Osawa and Maxi are S-2 rankers. No one has been ranked S-1 yet.

28 chosen applicants were present (supposed to be 29 but one was absent) at the tryouts on the 12th. The most interesting among them was Akihito Tanaka, who won the All-Japan Wrestling Championship 7 years in a row (2001 to 2007) and who also made his pro MMA debut against Bob Sapp as manga character Kinniku Mantaro at Dynamite!! 2008.

These 28 all underwent a standard physical strength test and striking/grappling sparring in front of examiner Kazuo Takahashi. The test took around 2 hours and after it was all said and done Tanaka was the only one who passed to become a Pro Development Fighter (S2).

Tanaka is currently training at Kazushi Sakuraba’s Laughter7 gym. He currently weighs 101~102 kg so he can fight at Light Heavyweight or Heavyweight. He was humble in front of the press as he said that he wants to level up slowly and that passing this tryout was his first goal.

Also, in July inside Don Quijote’s Kita-Ikebukuro Store in Tokyo SRC Headquarters Dojo will open. Takahashi will be the leader of the gym.

As for the rest of the participants, one was chosen as a candidate Pro Development Fighter and 7 were chosen as Amateur Development Fighters. Their merits are introduced below. Looks like some potential future up-and-comers (especially Yamada).

Pro Development Fighter candidate

Sotaro/Keitaro Yamada (brave) (26 years old)

2010 FILA Pankration World Tournament winner
DEEP X (DEEP’s grappling event) Record: 6-1
Real King Tournament 2010 winner
Neo Blood Tournament 2005 Lightweight winner

Amateur Development Fighters

Yuuhi Takemoto(?) (Laughter7) (22 years old)

2002 National Middle School Judo Tournament Best 16
2006 National Senior High School Wrestling Cup 60kg Winner
2007/2008 All-Japan Student Greco Championship Free 66kg Winner
2009 All-Japan University Championship 66kg 3rd Place

Yasuyuki Suzuki(?) (Paraestra Kichioji) (23 years old)

BJJ Asia Championship Blue Belt Runner-up
NO-GI DEEP X Future Fight Record: 0-1
Pancrase Gate (Pancrase’s amateur events) Record: 2-0

Nobukazu Kichioka(?) (Paraestra Tokyo) (24 years old)

Heisei 15th Year National Senior High School Wrestling Association Winner
June 2009 Grappling Kantou NO-GI Open Expert Winner
2009 Jiu Jitsu Kantou Open Blue Belt Winner
August 2009 South Kantou Amateur Shooto Championship Lightweight 2nd Place
October 2009 ZST Prestige Amateur Featherweight Winner
April 2010 All-Japan Pankration Tournament 64kg Winner

Ayumu Sasaki(?) (22 years old)

2006 Wrestling East Japan Fall Newcomer Tournament 66kg 3rd Place
2007 Wrestling East Japan Fall Newcomer Tournament 66kg 2nd Place
2009 Prime Minister Cup 66kg 5th Place
13th All-Japan Combat Wrestling Open Championship Less Than 1 Year 1st Place, Senior 2nd Place

Takahiro Yoshida(?) (Brave Gym) (20 years old)

Wrestling Kantou Best 8
Amateur Boxing Inter High School Participant

Katsushi Fukawa(?) (19 years old)

Some kind of Baseball player

Minoru Takeuchi(?) (Paraestra Tokyo & Oguni Gym) (24 years old)

2009 All-Japan Shooto Grappling Winner
2010 Kantou Amateur Shooto Freshman Tournament Winner

The applicant (Katsuya Kitamura) who couldn’t participate because of his schedule will get a chance to be examined at another date. The guy has two All-Japan Wrestling Championships each at both Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling (Freestyle at 120kg, Greco at 96kg). He won the All-Japan Greco-Roman Championship as recently as April of this year. He is also aiming at London 2012.

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