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Originally Posted by just_matt
okay first of all, tito doesnt avoid chuck. if you ever have watched ufc you would know that. he fought him twice-TWICE and chuck should have fought wanderlei but tito got it because he wanted it so bad.

let me break down the top lhw-
wanderlei-rampage-chuck-tito (not in order)
renato sobral-forest griffin (in order)
everyone else (i dont care if keith jardine beat him....if they fought again that would not happen)

bobbalu will chop lambert up into little pieces and then make a brazilian dish out of his bruised remains. end of story.
first of all it was a joke second of all anyone that knows anything about mma knows that when the first fight between chuck and tito were being talked about tito said all sorts of stuff about how they are good friends and didnt want to fight him thus avoiding him for a while now there are two sides to that either he is full of shit and is scared of the iceman or he really did feel a strong connection with him and didnt want to fight i dont know but either way he was avoiding chuck and that was what i was refering to and you forgot to mention arona, lil nog and shogun probably the best lhw in the world

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